(Re)Introducing Spotlight

We call Spotlight "a young company with a long history." That's because while we're just a few years old, we founders have been forming our approach to education data for years.

Our roots are in the classroom, in building and running organizations, and in developing software, but all three of Spotlight's founders have deep personal and professional connections to education, and to education data. We've seen the impact of providing educators and families with well-communicated, actionable insights -- and the challenges that arise when those same "everyday users" are overwhelmed or confused by rows, columns and the occasional inscrutable graph, and expected to instruct and support kids accordingly.

That's why we created this company, and why we developed our proprietary data clarity software: to support educators' and parents' efforts to provide data-driven instruction to students. To move the needle in educating kids in a fast-changing, technology-driven world. 

"Data visualization" can be powerful, and even fun. We're big fans of infographics; Minard's famed depiction of Napoleon's march to Moscow hangs in the Spotlight office. But infographics are virtually impossible to produce at scale, or to personalize for each user.

At Spotlight, we take a different approach: we turn data into easy-to-understand language, and deliver it as narrative text on a printed page, or as personalized, mobile videos. We call these approaches "data verbalization" and "data animation," respectively.

The result is powerful: educators and parents put data to use quickly, and with certain impact. No guesswork; no time spent trying to discern the meaning behind data, or the actions it suggests should be taken. 

Spotlight is a young company. We're pretty new to the scene. But already we're seeing an impact, and look forward to seeing that impact grow.