Closing the "Information Gap"

Fact, borne out by research: Parent engagement is a key factor in a student’s academic success and college readiness.

Facts, borne out by research: Parents who do not speak English are less likely to be involved in their children’s schooling, either in person or virtually; users who access the internet with their mobile phones are less likely to visit online portals or other web-based sources of information.

Fact – well, deeply-held conviction, borne out by our personal experience: Tracking down accurate and relevant information about your child’s academic standing is challenging for any parent; finding high-quality, targeted resources to address areas of concern is even harder.

At Spotlight, we’re working to make it easier for parents to engage in their kids’ learning in meaningful, relevant ways. We do that by delivering personalized, easy-to-understand insights, including targeted recommendations.

That’s the role we’re playing in improving educational outcomes. Part of it, at least.