...and a Few More Thoughts on School Report Cards

We liked this post, by EdNavigator's David Keeling. It's funny, but cuts close to the knuckle, especially here in California.

Just recently I attended my daughter's school's PTA meeting. To open the meeting, the board president projected the school's accountability dashboard -- the one that, as Keeling describes, looks like so many game pieces. The board -- all of us English speakers, all of us staring at a big-screen projection of a browser-based view of the dashboard -- squinted, and wondered, and asked questions, and ultimately formed some thoughts, but never came around to any broad conclusions about how the school is serving our kids. We retreated to our own impressions, formed when we drop our sons and daughters off at school, or when we volunteer in their classrooms.

Imagine if we didn't speak English; were viewing the dashboards on our phones; weren't comfortable navigating obscure webpages; or didn't frequently visit the school. 

We weren't aware of EdNavigator before coming across the post, but it looks like they're doing important work, and that they're allies in the fight to close the Achievement Gap by closing the Information Gap.