The Smaller Ratio Redux

We wrote a few weeks ago about our work to "shrink the ratio" of students to college counselors. This week we spent a couple of days at the WACAC conference, getting to know some of the dedicated, passionate people who serve as the "1" for every 945 students in California.

Indeed, we were inspired to learn about their work:

  • Efforts to get Dreamers into college, thanks to
  • The College Board's and Khan Academy's work to provide better information to counselors, and to help low-income kids improve their scores on the SAT. 
  • Initiatives to help first-generation students, LGTBQ students, unconventional applicants and kids from low-income families get into and through college.

All incredibly admirable.

Yet for every public school counselor we met at the conference, we met ten college admissions officers, five counselors from private schools and five private counselors. The irony: most public school counselors are too swamped to attend a professional development conference.

Groups like WACAC are doing important work, but we need to scale these efforts, to help many more kids find their path to college. We need many more ratio-shrinking efforts than we're seeing thus far.