"Dear Mr. Kobach" - An Open Letter Regarding Data Security

When we read about the Federal Government's request that states submit what we in the education world call "PII" (Personally Identifiable Information) via "insecure email," we immediately thought, "Spotlight's security measures are MUCH more rigorous, even when we're working with a tiny school district, and with, say, third graders' first names and their grades in language arts -- not millions of adults' social security numbers and addresses."

So with that, we write: 

Dear Mr. Kobach,

Please refer to Spotlight's Data Security and Privacy Policy. There you'll see a number of thoughtful steps you might want to take as you gather all of this sensitive data. Note that we would be happy to consult with your agency to help to ensure secure use of voter records -- for a fee that's commensurate with the sensitivity and amount of data you're collecting."

The Spotlight Team

P.S. Please tell the folks at Gizmodo that it's called non-secure data.