Seek a Smaller Ratio with us at SXSWEdu!

You might remember our blog post titled Seeking a Smaller Ratio a few months ago. In it we called for use of technology to provide nontraditional students -- the kinds of kids who typically don't receive personalized college counseling -- with insights to help them develop a successful postgraduation plan.

Now we're hoping to bring this topic to SXSWEdu, and we need your help. 

SXSW determines who will present and speak at its conferences partly through a voting system, known as PanelPicker. Last year we received enough votes to present another important topic, innovative means of engaging parents. This year, we're hoping you'll "vote up" our panel focusing on shrinking the ratio. 

Just go to, and click "Vote Up." Maybe leave a comment as well, so that others can see why you feel this is a topic worth supporting.

Thank you!