EdNavigator Nails it Again. Almost.

We've become big fans of EdNavigator. After all, we're fighting the same fight: providing all kinds of families with the insights and resources they need to support their students' education. 

After all, why should targeted intervention and support be the province only of wealthy families?

We particularly loved this blog post about literally speaking parents' language. When we talk about our Video Reporting Technology, we describe it as "literally speaking to parents -- in their home language."

EdNavigator and Spotlight are indeed seeking to solve the same problem, albeit with different weapons: Theirs is a largely human-capital fueled endeavor, providing families from low-income neighborhoods in New Orleans with "navigators" to guide their support of their kids' education. Spotlight, meanwhile, takes a technological approach.

So we were happy to read the final piece of advice in this blog post: "Take advantage of technology." Though we can do better than what's suggested here -- namely, translating documents into Spanish, and using Google Translate. 

We're surprised how often we read equations of "languages other than English" and "Spanish"; most urban districts have at least a dozen languages spoken by their students' parents. We'd all do well not to make that exclusive connection.

And as for Google Translate...we can do better! Technology allows us to communicate with every parent in real, native-speaking human voices. 

Just ask us how.