Video Reporting: The New Normal?

Spotlight is ushering in a new education data-use era, one in which parents and educators no longer comb through dashboards, hoping to find the right information, but instead are told a personalized story -- in their home language. We make this possible through our Video Reporting Technology.

We're leading the way in education, but maybe not broadly. We're seeing personalized videos sprout up in various sectors.

First it was a video mobile phone bill; later we learned of a video-based investment portfolio explainer. The latest? A personalized "video infographic," driven entirely by data, describing...our year in fitness.

See, one of Spotlight's founders is an avid cyclist, and he uses Strava, a combination social network and training tool. Strava -- wildly popular among endurance athletes -- has rolled up a year's worth of miles, vertical feet, and calories and more, and compiled it into a personalized video. 

We're happy to share! Check out Mike's year in training here. After all, this isn't PII.

We're also happy to be at the forefront alongside a company like Strava, also doing exciting things, all in an effort to put data to use towards a positive end.