"Everything is politicized." Well -- not everything...

Next week Spotlight will be at the ExcelinEd Conference in Washington, DC, and our co-founder Mike Fee will sit on a panel, presenting on assessment reporting. He’ll focus on making assessment results accessible, understandable, and actionable for parents.

That’s a pretty unassailable objective, right?

We ask because he’ll be presenting at what’s considered to be a “conservative” conference. ExcelinEd – founded ten years ago by Jeb Bush – is the nation’s best-known education reform event, with speakers and attendees discussing topics ranging from school choice to new models of paying teachers.

We’re thrilled to attend, and to share our convictions about data clarity, but not from a partisan perspective. We love it when any group of motivated, thoughtful people gather to support our students’ education.

Moreover, though, the view that data should be easily understood and put to use is simply not a political one! Whether you believe in the sanctity of neighborhood schools or that parents should receive vouchers to send their kids to any school anywhere; whether you believe that “you don’t fatten a calf by weighing it,” or that assessment is integral to improving outcomes – wherever you fall on education’s various hot-button issues, you have to agree that when data is available, it should be made easy to understand, and to act on – by anyone, regardless of background, language spoken, or education level.

 We’re confident that the days of education data being locked in a closet – real or virtual – or laid out in inscrutable tables, are over. Whether you lean left or right, that conviction is surely right down the middle.