Anything and Everything

That's probably not the right title for a post about all that one urban district is doing to steer its students towards college. But I wasn't going to title it "College Readiness Resources -- Straight Outta Compton Unified."

But we had the pleasure of meeting with members of the Compton Unified School District counseling staff recently, and they are indeed doing all that they can to ensure that their students are headed towards productive post-graduation paths. 

A recently published paper from the Public Policy Institute of California laid out the many reasons students fall off a "college pathway." Compton Unified seeks to provide a commensurate stock of resources to help students overcome those barriers and remain on that pathway:

  • Guaranteed admission and free tuition to nearby Compton College
  • Assistance with registration for college
  • Support in completing the FAFSA and other financial aid forms
  • "Summer Bridge" courses to help ensure that students meet college-level Math and English requirements
  • Communication with parents -- starting in sixth grade! -- about college and career planning
  • And, of course, the tireless efforts of dedicated (if overworked) counselors

Come to think of it, "anything and everything" isn't necessarily pejorative. It connotes going to great lengths, especially in a situation in which being measured or cautious may not make sense. 

Compton Unified is a district where students -- and families and educators -- have in the past faced significant challenges. Many of those challenges are still present, but the team there is making steady progress in pushing through them. 

So yes -- "anything and everything" seems about right.