This One's for the "1" in "800:1"

We’ve written effusively about California’s counseling crisis – about how our counselors are charged with providing personalized guidance to – on average – 800 students.

This in an age of undermatching and underrepresentation of low-income students in college generally, and especially in selective colleges.

As we’ve written, to address this dire need, Spotlight has worked with key California districts like Long Beach and Fresno Unified to develop the College and Career Readiness Guide. It acts as a virtual counselor, turning data into personalized recommendations, including even specific action items.

That’s for the “800” in that rather nasty ratio. Now we’ve developed something for the “1.”

Along with the student- and parent-facing Guide, we’ll now be offering school districts a report that makes counselors’ lives easier. This report provides to counselors – short on time and very long on students’ needs to address – a clear sense for their students’ progress, and a clear sense of priority among those many students.

The report prioritizes students for the counselor, focusing first on those who are in greatest danger of not graduating, but also including students who are in danger of not realizing their full potential, including those who may be headed towards undermatching.

Spotlight is on the verge of bringing both of these reports – the one for students and the one for counselors – to one of our nation’s largest school districts. The need is great, and we’re stepping up.



Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 4.46.16 PM.png
First page of Spotlight's Counselor Report; 
subsequent pages list students by level of priority