Follow The Leader

In recent months we’ve written about some of the districts we’ve visited, and with whom we’re partnering to bring our College and Career Readiness Guide to their students.

In the last few weeks we’ve traveled even more widely, visiting partners new, established, and prospective. We wanted to share some of the exciting, innovative approaches to post-graduation readiness that districts around the country are taking.

Our friends in DC Public Schools are mapping data backwards from their alumni’s successes to identify not just the colleges their students are likely to apply or gain admission to, but to understand where their students are most likely to graduate from. This “to and through” approach represents a significant raising of the college readiness bar.

Meanwhile, Chicago Public Schools – the nation’s fifth largest district – will soon launch a broad-based “College and Career Success” initiative that provides students and families with a wide range of post-graduation planning resources (including Spotlight’s CCRG!).

Along with much of Texas, Houston Independent School District works with students to establish “PGPs” (Personal Growth Plans) that guide decision-making, including course selection, in high school and beyond. Nearby Spring Branch ISD, meanwhile, has taken this to a higher level with T24”, its multi-track post-secondary readiness approach.

Denver Public Schools’ strategic plan, known as The Denver Plan, establishes post-graduation readiness as a key objective, and takes a flexible approach to enabling students to understand their post-high school options.

Finally, Long Beach Unified arguably leads the way in providing its diverse student body with post-graduation guidance, including innovative use of the PSAT and SAT – and delivery of the CCRG to its students!

At Spotlight, we strive to lead the way in making education data accessible, understandable, and actionable. But we’re happy to follow the lead of these innovative partners.