More Evidence of CCRG's Impact

As we shared earlier, leading research organization WestEd recently released an independent study of Spotlight’s College and Career Readiness Guide (CCRG). We previously highlighted the importance of increased access to relevant, timely and personalized information. 

In addition, WestEd found that students are very satisfied with CCRG’s impact on their college and career readiness and planning. 

70% of students indicated the CCRG prompted them to take action toward improving college and career readiness. Only 16% reported they would not take any steps. They reported taking one or more of the following steps after reviewing their CCRG:

  • Speaking with their parents or guardians

  • Speaking with their counselor

  • Taking the SAT or ACT

  • Taking new courses

  • Considering new colleges

  • Search for scholarships

As such, the personalized reports fostered communication between students and their families and counselors that might not otherwise have occurred. The Guide positively impacted individual understanding, joint family planning, and ultimately fostered important actions toward college and career readiness. Of students reporting their parents received the CCRG, 75% indicated that their parents or guardians read the CCRG, and 75% indicated they discussed the CCRG with their family. 

CCRG helped me talk more intelligently about [my daughter’s] plans for the future.” --Parent

The Gates Foundation identifies the challenge and promise that: “Fewer still [school systems] prioritize the critical areas – such as effective postsecondary advising – where we have compelling evidence that high schools can meaningfully impact students’ transition to and through postsecondary institutions and into successful careers.”

The CCRG helps address this need. It is used by students and families (and school counselors) in districts across the country. Each Guide is personalized to help students identify their progress toward high school graduation, their college and career pathway options, and recommended action steps specific to their needs and goals. 

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