The Company


Spotlight was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and educators who are passionate about applying advanced technologies to the education of our children. With Spotlight’s unique, proprietary technology, education data are automatically converted into reports that prove clear and meaningful to parents, teachers and other non-data analysts.

Spotlight’s experienced staff works with schools, districts and business partners to develop high-impact reports that effect changes in behavior and improvements in instruction and operation. We operate a world-class SaaS report generation system that can produce millions of reports at a time. Knowing that decision-making should ultimately rest in the hands of our educators and administrators, our technology offers the capacity for non-technical personnel to update, modify, enhance and create dynamic reports.


The Founders

Josh Newman


Josh Newman has started (and exited) a series of successful companies, including EdTec, the largest provider of business systems to charter schools. Also a data analyst, Josh understands the power of data – when it’s made clear and useful. “In building EdTec, which provides business services to over 500 schools, I saw how much time educators have to spend just figuring out what all those data mean. That didn’t seem right to me, so I set out to develop something that would solve this problem."

Mike Fee


Mike Fee started as a classroom teacher and has spent his career in various facets of the education system. Attending business school and leading education organizations showed him the importance of decision-making that’s driven by transparent, relevant information. “As a teacher, a teacher-manager and a leader of education organizations, I saw that information has the power to inform decision-making, but also to overwhelm. The Spotlight vision just made sense to me."

Dan Finkelstein.jpeg

Dan Finkelstein


Dan Finkelstein has been creating and evolving web-based platforms since 1995. He has spent much of his career building robust systems that educate and entertain, and that collect data to inform sound decision-making. “I've spent time in and around schools for much of my career. I've also seen how powerful language is when made personal to a user. I’m happy to apply my experience to building a sophisticated system that makes education data more useful and more powerful."

The Team

Our Advisors