Diversity & Inclusion

At Spotlight, we turn education data into stories – personalized stories that bring that data to life for educators, students, and families.

We create these stories to address a problem, that of a profound “information gap” that exists between users who easily access, understand, and act on education data, and those who lack the resources or expertise to do so. Empirically, those in this latter group are more likely to be people of color; to come from lower socio-economic backgrounds; to speak languages other than English at home.

Spotlight, then, exists to serve a diverse range of stakeholders.

Meanwhile, our experience as educators, and as leaders of education-based businesses, has taught us what today is fashionable to write in management articles: that diversity of background elicits diversity in idea generation and problem-solving approach, and thus is good for business.

Thus, in consideration of our diverse range of stakeholders, and of our personal and professional experience, we have committed ourselves to developing a diverse workforce, and to effecting a culture of inclusion and acceptance. Spotlight goes to great lengths to consider diverse perspectives in recruiting and hiring new employees, and in developing new ways of meeting our stakeholders’ needs.

As we grow and evolve, Spotlight will tell millions of stories. We will do so fully committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion.