Data Capture

Data from assessments, learning management systems, student information systems, external resources...It's all fair game, and all easily captured.

Data Capture

Spotlight's system can retrieve data from single or multiple datasets, and through a range of methods: manual or automated, batch-transferred or back-end integrated. Spotlight captures your data in the way that is most convenient, reliable and secure for your organization.


Automated Data Analyst

Send a (virtual) army of data analysts out to every student, family and educator in a district (or a school, or a state...).

Expert System

Expert system technology performs the same kind of rigorous statistical analysis as a skilled human analyst. Everyday users can tailor calculations to draw the types of conclusions they most need to see, such as the percentage of students falling below a benchmark, the factors driving that shortfall, or even an academic prescription that addresses specific areas of concern.


Concatenation Engine

It's like mail merge, but on steroids. With a jetpack. And a parachute for a comfortable landing.

Concatenation Engine

A concatenation engine — or “mail merge on steroids” — automates communication of data in clear, easily-read text. Those targeted conclusions from the automated analyst read like a personalized article — or even speak like a dedicated counselor, in the viewer's home language.


Graphical and Video Layout Tools

Customization – at scale.

Layout Engine

Automated graphical and video production tools create universally understandable "newsletters" as PDFs, emails, webpages, PowerPoint slides -- or as personalized videos that are delivered to mobile phones.


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