College and Career Readiness

Spotlight partners with leading school districts across the country, including Long Beach Unified, Los Angeles Unified, and Chicago Public Schools to bring personalized post-graduation insights to students and families.


Personalized Insights

The "CCRG" is delivered twice a year to students, families (in their home language), and counselors, each time providing personalized guidance on course selection
and access to resources.



That's the average student-to-counselor ratio in California. Many states are close behind. Spotlight's CCRG "shrinks the ratio" by providing individualized guidance to students.


According to a spring 2019 study of 900 California students and families conducted by WestEd…

94% of students replied Yes they would like to receive the Spotlight CCRG again. 

75% of students plan to take action as a result of receiving the CCRG. These productive actions include:

  • Discussing CCRG with their families and/or counselors

  • Researching college options

  • Searching for scholarships

  • Registering for PSAT, SAT or ACT

  • Considering new courses

Our College & Career Readiness Guide is a game changer for students and families.
— Long Beach Unified School Board Member
Probably the most important reason that we’re using the CCRG is so that we can get information to our kids and their parents early, instead of waiting for graduation.
— Joel Rabin, Natomas Unified School District

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